Advantages of an Integrated Paid Content Solution

We spend a lot of time speaking with publishers. In our conversations, we are often asked what an advantage of our solution is. The answer is always the same. Integration.

Digital Paymeter is fully integrated with Newscycle Circulation and Circulation Pro systems. Below are three advantages of our integration with Newscycle Solutions.

  1. Changes to subscriber data synchronized: All new digital access is sent in real-time to the circulation system. When you make a change in one system, the data is instantly synchronized in the other. This means no file transfers and no manual input of data from one system to the other.
  2. Single Subscriber Database – Print and Digital: All print and digital subscriber information reside in one place. Existing print subscribers can also link their accounts to a new digital plan. This allows you to manage print and digital combo subscriptions within one system. From the subscriber’s perspective, they are only asked for their credit card once, making the experience seamless.
  3. AAM Reporting Consolidated: When a subscriber is authenticated and granted access using Digital Paymeter, the digital footprint is stored and sent instantly to the Circulation system. Since print, digital and bundled subscriptions reside in one place, you will only need to manage a single AAM record book.

Customers tell us that integration was a key factor in their decision to choose our solution. Our product eliminates the hassles and potential errors caused by manually exporting data. AAM reporting is consolidated in one database, and the customer experience is seamless. So, how important are integration capabilities in your next paywall solution?

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