LoginRadius Teams up with Syncronex
to Deliver Growing Value for
News and Media Customers

About the Project

McPherson Media Group (MMG) is one of the largest privately owned media groups in Australia, encompassing a number of brands and entities across the continent. MMG is working with LoginRadius and Syncronex, who markets its product with Newscycle Solutions as a Digital Paymeter, to seamlessly integrate the value of a cIAM solution with the ability to monetize digital content with a pay metering system. Together, the solutions are providing a best-in-class user experience.


  • Consolidating the data that was being gathered in silos across all of the
    MMG and digital tools.
  • Monetizing digital content.
  • Fully leveraging digital tools like Google Analytics and MailChimp.
  • Ensuring a consistent and smooth user experience.


After evaluating several potential vendors, MMG decided to work with LoginRadius and Syncronex because of their flexibility in business and solution. Considered separately, each platform represented a unique offering that no other vendor was able to come close to matching when it comes to functionality and overall valueadded.

LoginRadius provides:

  • SSO
  • Social Login
  • User Analytics
  • Integration Platform access


Syncronex provides:

  • Content Metering
  • Registration wall
  • Digital Subscription platform
  • LoginRadius plugin


When integrated together, LoginRadius and Syncronex provide a seamless and highly customizable user journey. With this, MMG was able to design a user flow that would best complement their marketing strategy; prompting users to register for an account after reaching the limit of free articles, and incentivizing this by offering additional free articles before requiring payment.


1. All existing user accounts were securely migrated to the LoginRadius cloud storage, preserving all profile data and user credentials

2. Full Implementation with the Syncronex digital subscription platform in 11 weeks.

3. A Hosted Page was used for fast deployment of the cIAM solution, this allows readers to login and register on a single “Hosted Page” that is linked from the individual brand sites.

4. Seamless connection between the LoginRadius platform, the Syncronex paywall solution, Google Analytics, and MailChimp.

5. Now a user can login one time and move seamlessly from being a casual user to a registered user, and ultimately a subscriber, all within the MMG ecosystem.
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