I have never heard of Syncronex. What do you do?


July 27, 2016

If you have heard of Newscycle Solutions Digital Paymeter product, then you have heard of Syncronex!

Syncronex partnered with Newscycle Solutions in August 2012, as the underlying technology behind Digital Paymeter. Our product, also known as syncAccess, is a cloud-based digital subscription solution. Newscycle Solutions provides a full suite of integrated solutions for digital publishing. Through our collaboration, we are able to provide customers with an integrated, flexible, paid content solution. You will find Digital Paymeter powering Hearst Newspapers, Morris Communications, Columbus Dispatch, Erie Times-News and others.

Syncronex has over 19 years of technology experience in the publishing industry. In addition to Digital Paymeter, we also offer products that aid in print operations and distribution. However, for the purpose of this Q&A series, Digital Paymeter will be the primary focus. Going forward, I will be answering questions in regards to integrations, features, and best practices.  Please reach out with any questions you may have. You can email us at


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