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syncAccess is a fully customizable, cloud-based pay meter solution. What makes syncAccess unique? syncAccess is the only pay meter solution giving you complete control of your product configurations and customer relationships for all of your print and digital offerings.


Dispatch delivers a complete solution for utilizing smartphone and tablet devices to manage newspaper re-deliveries. What makes Dispatch special? The proven ability to improve subscriber satisfaction and lower cancellation rates.

Single Copy

Single Copy is a complete solution for collecting accurate sales data from your field sales locations. What makes Single Copy special? The integration of your existing field-level print operations with your digital products and strategies.

Back Office for Distributors

Back Office for Distributors is tailored to the needs of all types of periodical and book distributors. What makes Back Office for Distributors unique? For over 20 years, the suite has set the standard for back office solutions in the periodical industry.

All Syncronex solutions are designed with print and digital in mind

At Syncronex, we believe:

Publishers must have complete control of their digital destiny. Whether it’s the ability to develop custom products and services or configure offers to meet rapidly changing market demand, these capabilities have to be available at the publisher’s fingertips – without requiring heavy technological changes or system updates.

Integration is critical. Publishers must be able to seamlessly integrate their physical and digital offerings at the subscription, circulation and sign-on levels. It’s no longer acceptable for multiple, stand-alone systems to encapsulate a publisher’s relationship with their customers.

Media is going to continue to rapidly evolve. As more rich media is added to the publisher’s portfolios, publishers must own the complete customer relationship – including a 360 degree view of their experience, expectations and preferences – if they are to engage readers in the most meaningful ways possible.

This is why, at Syncronex, all of our solutions are designed with print and digital in mind.