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Back Office for Distributors
A complete solution for all types of periodical and book distributors 


For over 20 years, Back Office for Distributors has set the standard for back office solutions in the periodical industry. Our robust solution suite is tailored to the needs of magazine distributors, mass market book distributors, and newspaper distributors providing sales forecasting, customer management, inventory control, billing, A/R, and A/P.

With Syncronex Back Office for Distributors, you will have complete support for all mission critical back office business processes including:

Back Office for Distributors has helped numerous media companies and publishers. We’re happy to help you work through your back office strategy so you arrive at the right solution for your business and your customers.

Back Office for Distributors Business Process Modules

Distributor Payables System

The Distributor Payables System brings speed and efficiency to the processing of publishers’ statements. The Distributor Payables system enables business processes including:

Pay on Scan System

The Pay on Scan System tracks off-site inventory and accounts for scan-based trading sales. The Pay on Scan System enables business processes including:


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables the transmission of invoices and credit memos. The EDI business process module enables:

IPDA System

The IPDA System enables the electronic exchange of allotment and affidavit information between publishers and wholesalers. The IPDA System module enables:


Document Archiving System

The Document Archiving System provides electronic file storage with easy access and retrieval. The Document Archiving System module enables:


Document Imaging System

The Document Imaging System manages the electronic file storage of signed documents. The Document Imaging System module enables:

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse provides flexible access to data and ad-hoc reporting. The Data Warehouse module enables:


Publisher Credit System

The Publisher Credit System tracks publisher payments based on distribution fees and payment schedules. The Publisher Credit System module enables: