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Single Copy

A complete solution for collecting accurate sales data 


Single Copy is a complete solution for collecting accurate sales data from your field sales locations.

What makes Single Copy special? The integration of your existing field-level print operations with your digital products and strategies.

Single Copy has helped small and large media companies around the world increase the profitability of print operations by:

 Minimizing Costs
. Process automation minimizes the need for data-entry personnel, directly reducing overhead.

Improving Accuracy. Collect more accurate newspaper sales counts across all outlets.

 Lowering Returns. Manage the right volume of papers at the right locations at the right times will have an immediate and meaningful impact on profitability.

Going Digital. Replace paper manifests with mobile / digital interfaces via “Off the Shelf” hardware solutions including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

 Improving Decision Making Provide company-wide views of operations to managers so decisions can be made before it’s too late.

We’re happy to help you work through your single copy strategy so you arrive at the right solution for your business and your customers. Just ask!


To learn more about Single Copy, our flagship print solution, please download a copy of our latest datasheet. This document is in PDF format.


One of the best ways to learn more about Single Copy, and the impact efficient single copy sales can have on your business, is from media companies and publishers who are already managing their single copy operations with Syncronex.

Anchorage Daily News (Anchorage, AK)

St. Paul Pioneer Press (St. Paul / Minneapolis, MN)

San Jose Mercury News, (San Jose, CA)

The News Tribune, (Tacoma, WA)

Single Copy Key Features

Synchronize Sales Data at the Outlet Level

Quickly address multiple strategic opportunities v. investing time to re-configure systems to support changes in market opportunities. Single Copy is pre-integrated to work with your existing circulation system(s) to provide a complete, real-time look at point-of-sale data by location.

Customizable Reporting

Whether it’s managing manifests, draw forecasting, analyzing return adjustments or numerous other key metrics, Single Copy provides the detailed reporting capabilities you need to optimize your field operations.

Manage Single or Multiple Properties with One System

If you are supporting one property or multiple properties, Single Copy delivers a centralized, cloud-based system providing instant visibility to operations and management controls throughout the company.

Improve Employee, Contractor & Distributor Productivity

No longer are proprietary mobile devices necessary to empower your field operations. Single Copy enables employees, contractors and distribution channels can quickly and securely manage route lists, enter returns, manage manifests, create invoices, synchronize field data with internal systems and more – wherever they are located.

Scan-Based Trading

Single Copy enables detailed comparisons of actual draw v. returns on a per outlet basis while providing complete visibility into SBT partner payments for “shrink report” analysis.

Mobile Printing and Mobile Receipts

Enable field employees, contractors and distributors to offer on-demand delivery receipts, signature captures, invoices and payment receipts.