Introducing Single Copy

Single Copy is a complete solution for collecting accurate sales data from your field sales locations.

What makes Single Copy special? The integration of your existing field-level print operations with your digital products and strategies.

Single Copy has helped small and large media companies around the world increase the profitability of print operations by:

Minimizing Costs
Process automation minimizes the need for data-entry personnel, directly reducing overhead.

Improving Accuracy
Collect more accurate newspaper sales counts across all outlets.

Lowering Returns
Manage the right volume of papers at the right locations at the right times will have an immediate and meaningful impact on profitability.

Going Digital
Replace paper manifests with mobile / digital interfaces via “Off the Shelf” hardware solutions including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Improving Decision Making
Provide company-wide views of operations to managers so decisions can be made before it’s too late.

We’re happy to help you work through your single copy strategy so you arrive at the right solution for your business and your customers.