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A cloud-based pay meter solution for any media type


Since 1997, Syncronex has helped media companies increase profitability. It is upon this history, and a deep understanding of what makes media companies successful, that syncAccess is built.

syncAccess, our flagship offering, is a cloud-based pay meter solution giving you complete control of your product configurations and customer relationships.

Choosing a pay meter solution and solution provider is about more than technology. Following are a few things we’ve learned that are important to think about as you investigate pay meters and your paid content strategy:

In order for a pay meter implementation to be successful there needs to be clear objectives. While objectives are unique to each company, some of the more common ones we see are: Increase revenue, increase print and digital subscriptions, increase reader registrations and expand cross-device content engagement and consumption. What are your objectives?

Experimentation and learning are very viable objectives for your initial pay meter strategy. However, if this is the case, be sure to acknowledge this up front. If you’re planning to test, it’s important to know what you want to test, why, and what expected result sets may be.

Did you know that pay meters are also used for video content, games, audio / music content and other, native digital content? The opportunity to monetize with a pay meter expands well beyond traditional news content.

Remember, it’s important to know where you’re going before you begin so that a clear and consistent program can be put in place. Nothing is worse for your readers and subscribers than uncertainty. A clear plan will help you increase your paid content opportunities while improving brand value and your reader’s and subscriber’s trust.


Before you start to research the features, functions and benefits of potential pay meter solutions, there are five (5) things that you should take into consideration:

 Your Customers. Your customers are one of your most valuable assets. When selecting a pay meter solution pay close attention to who owns the customer relationship. Any third-party that comes between you and your customers will cause friction and draw your customer’s attention elsewhere.

 Your Revenue. You should be able to implement your pay meter, and your paid content strategy, without worrying about your service provider’s revenue share. Be sure your service providers aren’t creating their own recurring revenue streams from your readers and subscribers.

 Flexibility. You will need complete control over your offerings as you are in the best position to determine what’s best for your customers. Whether you are interested in offering print only, print and digital or digital only solutions, your pay meter solution needs to be flexible in support of multiple offers.

 Integration. Successful paid content strategies and pay meter implementations include a clear vision for the integration of customer management, circulation, subscription and eCommerce systems. Whether you are ready to integrate these solutions at the beginning of your process is up to you. However, it is no longer necessary to manage separate systems for a complete look at your customer base – so don’t get stuck!

 Evolution. Where you are today isn’t where you will be in 3 years or even 30 days. Make sure with your pay meter solution that you are free to pursue any number of product concepts and strategies as your customer’s tastes, and the market, continues to evolve – without requiring custom development work from your service provider.

We’re happy to help you work through your paid content strategy so you arrive at the right solution for your business and your customers. Just ask!


To learn more about syncAccess, our flagship pay meter platform, please download a copy of our latest datasheet. This document is in PDF format.


One of the best ways to learn more about syncAccess, and the impact pay meters can have on your business, is from media companies and publishers who have already implemented their paid digital content strategy with Syncronex.

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syncAccess Key Features

Your Customers. Your Revenue.

syncAccess does not work on a revenue share. syncAccess is a cost effective cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. You are free to pursue any number of paid content strategies as your reader and subscriber tastes, and the market, evolve. With syncAccess you won’t ever have to worry about a service provider’s revenue share – or your service provider vying for your customer’s attention.

Woman Reading Paper (Small)

Flexible Product and Service Offerings

syncAccess offers you complete control over your pay meter solution. You determine what’s best for your readers and subscribers. Whether you are interested in offering print only, print and digital or digital only solutions, syncAccess is designed to seamlessly support product roll-outs. Additionally, Syncronex will help you work through your paid content strategy to arrive at the right solutions for your business, your readers and your subscribers. Just ask!

Flexible Product Feature Image


syncAccess offers native integration with your payment, circulation, subscription, eCommerce and customer management systems. That’s right – with syncAccess you’re looking at a centralized system for all of your paid content strategies. No longer are your required to manage separate systems for a complete look at your reader and subscriber bases. We’re happy to help you develop an integration strategy, too, if you’d like to take it step-by-step. Just ask!

Key Features - Integration

Native, Multi-Device Support

Deliver secure access to your content offerings on computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, Android phones & tablets and more – all while maintaining consistent login processes, features / functionality, user experiences and your existing customer / subscriber database(s). That’s right – no matter where your readers and subscribers seek your content, your syncAccess implementation will be there to consistently administer your paid content strategy. Should you be interested in completely different product offerings for completely different devices platforms, don’t worry – syncAccess has you covered here, too.

Multi-Device Support Images

Cross-Platform Authentication and Single Sign-On

Eliminate the need for your customers to have multiple logins and passwords. syncAccess integrates with your existing authentication systems to provide the easiest and fastest registration and login processes possible. syncAccess delivers a complete authentication solution that will maintain consistency across all user interfaces including mobile devices.

Single Sign-On

Comprehensive Administration Portal and Reporting

Reporting and administration is critical to your success. syncAccess provides a complete administration portal to help you manage your syncAccess implementation as efficiently and effectively as possible. Choose from standard and custom reports to monitor your progress and quickly adjust product offerings on the fly to meet the needs of your readers and subscribers – and rapidly changing market dynamics.

Admin Portal & Reporting Image

Custom Messaging, Design and Branding

Your brand, your messaging, your customer experiences define how readers and subscribers recognize and relate to your products. With syncAccess you have the opportunity to customize every facet of your pay meter implementation. Whether it’s alert screen, logins, registrations, purchase

Custom Messaging Image

Custom Meter Types

For some media companies, a property-wide (or multiple property) pay meter is the right solution. For others, it may be a writer or topic-specific meter that makes the most sense. Is it best to meter articles, days of the week, breaking news or in-depth special features? What happens if you want to try a combination of pay meter and survey meter? Whatever the right opportunities are for you, with syncAccess you are uniquely able to decide what you want to meter and how you want it implemented – including working with your advertisers to create custom engagement types to unlocking access to content.

Custom Meters Image

Support Print and Digital Subscriptions

Are your readers and subscribers interested in your print and digital products? What if they’re already a print subscriber and you want to offer digital access as a free benefit (or as a highly discounted special offer)? With syncAccess you can present combined product offerings – all while maintaining your existing payment, circulation, subscription, eCommerce and customer management systems.

Print & Digital Image